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Has a mild aroma, earthy and sweet. Tastes sweet at first from the brown sugar, tomatoes and red pepper but immediatly replaced by medium-strong heat.  Long smooth pleasant after taste.

Serving suggestions

Anything from sausages, bacon or cheese to a dipping sauce for veggies - broccoli in particular.  A table spoon (or more)in a chilli con carne for heat and a flavour sensation.


Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Red Peppers, Naga Morich Peppers (dried), Lime Juice, Black Pepper, Salt.


Naga Napalm Hot Sauce is our second hottest regular sauce. Only our Ghost Pepper 10 Sauce has more heat. Use Naga Napalm as a table sauce with burgers, hot dogs, ribs or any other kind of meat. It’s a pretty good accompaniment for Tex-Mex style food, or try adding some to soups, stews or curry dishes to liven them up. We like to use it with scrambled eggs in the morning. Breakfast isn’t the same without a helping of Naga Napalm Sauce!


Heat level 5/10


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