Co si myslíme my

What we say

Smoky, sweet and pretty darn fiery number. The smoked red peppers add a lovely savory edge to make this sauce a winner - hot and extremely morish!!

Tipy na servírování

Serving suggestions

Anything from sausages, bacon or cheese to pizza, burgers, kebabs and curries.  A tea spoon (or more)in a chilli con carne gives a heat and flavour sensation.

Online reviews

cambridge chilli sauce co. Trinidad Scorpion sauce


Smoked  Red Bell Peppers, Scorpion Chilli Peppers (25%), Tomatoes, Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Spices. Salt)



Our Limited edition Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce is one of the hottest products we`ve ever made.  Each bottle contains 25% Trinidad Scorpion chillies.

We`ve blended the Trinidad Scorpions with smoked sweet red peppers fresh tomatoes  and spices to create a sauce that delivers explosive flavour and a high level of heat rarely seen in all-natural sauces


Heat level 8/10