White Rabbit was first released as our 2013 Christmas sauce. Only 150 of the originals were made. The recipe has been tweaked and White Rabbit has taken its rightful place in our core range of products.
Habanero peppers provide the heat and Chipotle peppers add a distinctive smokiness. Blend these peppers with fresh tomatoes, molasses, black treacle and secret blend of spices and what you have is a hot, smoky, sweet and sticky sauce just begging to be used on just about anything.


Heat level 5/10


Co si myslíme my

cambridge chilli sauce co. White rabbit

Serving suggestions

Anything on the grill or BBQ - sausages, burgers, steak, and chicken. This is made for ribs - marinade, baste, cook and baste some more. Also makes a great  dipping sauce for fried potatoes. 


Tomatoes, Habanero Peppers (25%), Cider Vinegar, Molasses, Chipotle Peppers (6%), Black Treacle, Salt, Black Pepper, Spices.

Tipy na servírování

What we say

Thick and gooey, smokey and earthy with an underlying sweet, Habanero heat.  Real tastes of black treacle and molasses come through which compliment the chipotle in a unique way.