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Industry awards

2015 Golden Chile "Louisiana Style" Hot Sauce 1st place Award Winner.

2014 World Hot Sauce Awards 2nd Place Pepper Blend category.

What we say

Traditional Louisiana style, vinegar based sauce with a fantastic pepper blend. A hint of sweetness and a great lemony tang.  Medium heat.

Serving suggestions

Perfect for Bloody Mary`s, all tex mex foods, Southern fried chicken, rice and beans, shrimp and clams.  Superb on baked salmon, fried eggs  and tuna salad sandwiches.

Vinegar, Chilli Peppers, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Lemon Extract, Xantham Gum


About 70 miles north of New Orleans in the rich cypress forests above Lake Maurepas and the Amite River, you can still hear the sound of accordions and fiddles playing familiar Cajun-Zydeco sounds as families gather like they have for over 200 years to sing, dance and enjoy delicious boiling pots of shrimp, crawfish and home made sausage.That place is Livingston Parish Louisiana.  And for the last 100 years, no gathering has been complete without the Chevraux family’s special hot pepper sauce – a recipe that’s been made the exact same way since the 1800’s.   It’s true, old school Cajun with the tang of vinegar, hint of garlic, and the unmistakable hot pepper flavor – and oh ya, the Chevraux recipe added a touch of Habanero just to let you know they were at the party. Today, the Chevraux pepper sauce is being made public through a unique collaboration between CaJohn Hard and food critic Amber Button.  They have secured the family recipe and are now bottling it in a new sauce they simply call “Livingston Parish."


Heat level 4/10


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