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Psycho Slayer 9Million Scoville Extract Dark Arts Edition

Presented in, not one but two, stunning laser-engraved, laser-cut, hand-finished wooden boxes. Be Warned: Psycho Slayer is one of the hottest products on the planet.
Pure 9 million Scoville capsaicin extract that should be used, a drop at a time, as a cooking additive only.

CaJohns La Segadora - Reaper Hot Sauce

This award winning and fiery taco style Southwestern sauce contains the worlds hottest pepper the Carolina Reaper.

Psycho Loco - Russian Roulette style card game

The loser has to eat one of the Russian Roulette Chocolate Bullets, some of which are plain ‘blank rounds’ and some of which are ‘live rounds’ laced with extreme chilli heat.

No backing out. You lose, you bite the bullet.

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