Vinegar, hot chile peppers, pepper extract, onion puree, spices, salt, xantham gum (natural stabiliser)


At last it's here - Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault! An even HOTTER version of our all time best seller Who Dares Burns! It's Who Dares Burns! 2nd Assault! So beware innocent bystanders - this sauce is mercilessly hot and takes no prisoners! Just when you thought it was safe....we're back in action with Hot-Headz! now legendary Who Dares Burns! 2nd Assault. Our Mission - to explore undiscovered hot sauce territory and deliver a decisive blow before you know what's hit you! Mission accomplished we think! Treat with maximum respect. At this years Chilli Fiesta in August the decision was unanimous – Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault was the hottest sauce there!


Heat level 10++++


What we say

Brutal extract heat and full of flavor, As with most extract sauces you should be cautious with this one, it is hardcore...

Serving suggestions

Use as a food additive for soups, stews, curries chillies and gulashes.

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Who dares burns 2nd assault hot sauce