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Super smooth taste and texture. Its super hot kick is tempered slightly by the oak aged vinegar and black garlic.  Incredible flavour for such a hot sauce.   

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Exceptionally versatile.  Will go on anything except your breakfast cereal!  Add in for fire and flavour to your chilli, curry, soup or stew.

Burns and McCoy Exhorresco-7 Pot Primo Hot Sauce


Exhorresco is one of the hottest all natural hot sauces in the world.  We combined the 7 Pot Primo with the perfect blend of spices, agave, oak aged apple cider vinegar, black garlic and yuzu juice. 

This sauce is no joke and you must use extreme caution when using this sauce.


Heat level 10/10

Stupeň pálivosti 10/10


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7 Pot Primo Peppers, Oak Aged Apple Cider Vinegar, Agave Nectar, Yuzu Juice, Black Garlic, Salt, Spices.

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