Ripe Red Serrano Chillies, Agave nectar, Distilled Vinegar, Minced Fresh Garlic, Tequila(Reposada) Salt, Coriander

Cajohns El Corazon red Serrano Hot Sauce


Fresh ripe red serranos have long been at the top of CaJohn's favorite chiles.  You can always count on them to be sweet, moderately hot, and compliment most any dish from Tex-Mex to Asian!  Agave nectar provides the sweetness and Tequila Reposado is the catalyst to bring the heat and the sweet together.  Garlic and cilantro provide the finish to an exquisite gustatory experience!   Not extreme in heat, but extreme in flavor!


Heat level 3/10


Serving suggestions

Made for Mexican and tex-mex style foods. Great on pizza, hot-dogs, add into pasta sauce for a great earthy sweet garlic kick.

What we say

Superb all-rounder. Earthy and sweet, chunky and thick.  Mild and sweet at first but then gives way to build in heat and garlic goodness.    Larger 200ml bottle makes it great value.