We take great pride in packing this sauce with some fantastic fresh ingredients. We slowly roast the garlic to bring out the natural sweetness and use juicy, fresh red cayenne chillies to work with the tomato, balsamic and fresh herbs (sweet basil & parsley). A dash of cracked black pepper gives this sauce an extra depth.
This medium heat sauce is ideal with pasta dishes and great with white meats. The sweet acidity of the balsamic & tomato also allows it to be used as a marinade.
Let The Red King rule!

The range of The Chilli Alchmist's hand finished, cork & wax sealed bottles. Each bottle is unique along with each label which are shaped by hand.


Heat level 2/10


What we say

Roasted garlic and cayenne come together with balsamic vinegar to create a sauce with great depth.

Serving suggestions

Mexican and tex-mex style foods. Breakfast sandwiches, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, BBQ, just about anything!

Chilli Alchemist - The Red King


Tomatoes, Red onion, White wine vinegar, Roasted garlic, Cayenne chillies, Balsamic vinegar, Paprika, Sugar, Sweet Basil, Cracked black pepper, Parsley, Salt