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Lurking in the shadows was his existence, for years avoiding the reapers touch, the day had come for reckoning, and there was going to be no mercy...

Deadly Hot Chilli Sauce-Scotch Bonnet and Naga Chilli with green bell pepper, apple and Lime.


Heat level 9/10


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Grim Reaper Foods - Evil Twin

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Zelená Paprika, Papričky Scotch Bonnet 15.5% a Naga 3%, Jablečný Ocet, Cibule, Jabilko, Limetka, Mrkev, Česnek, Chilli Extrakt o Hodnoté 1 Million SHU, Sůl, Kyselina Citrónová.

Online reviews


Green Pepper, Chilli (Scotch Bonnet 15.5%, Naga 3%), Cyder Vinegar, Onion, Apple, Lime, Carrot, Garlic, Chilli Extract, Salt, Citric Acid.