One of our hottest products, half million Scovilles. One million Scovilles is all the tongue can detect! Any hotter is just pure pain for longer. Used only in cooking (or cocktails!), it is not to be ingested directly, but is intended to be used as a food additive only. Go on, pop it in the cart and have some fun... but not too much, or the reaper will come for you...this is a pure, clear, chilli extract with a difference. Dispersible in water but not in oils.


Heat level 10++++


What we say

Its chilli extract people so be careful with this stuff!

Tipy na servírování

Co si myslíme my

Grim Reaper Foods - Mr Hyde Potion (500,000SHU Chilli Extract)


Chilli Extrakt o Hodnoté 1/2 Million SHU

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Serving suggestions

Not for direct consumption.  Add to your food, stew, soup, chilli or curry.  Great in alcohlic cocktails.


Chilli Extract at 1/2 Million SHU

Online reviews