Serving suggestions

Smokin' ketchup with a kick! Great for hot dogs, pizzas, vegetables, eggs, chips, onion rings. Try on anything where you'd normally use boring old ketchup!

What we say

Sweet, smokey and hot ketchup. You can taste all the notes of a good ketchup with lovely smoky aroma and flavour. Really gives a nice burn for a chipotle sauce.  Great value 390g bottles.


Water, tomato paste, sugar, glucose, chipotle pepper, onion, salt, lime juice, acetic acid, starch, passion fruit, citric acid, garlic, ascorbic acid.


Made with real Chipotles (smoked jalapeno chillies), this smoky, spicy ketchup delivers a deliciously addictive medium hot burn that will enhance the flavours of your food without overpowering them. The deep, rich, smoky flavour, makes this ketchup ideal for use on a multitude of foods.


Heat level 3/10


Hot-headz Chipotle smoky chilli Ketchup