Our very lastest new product JUST IN in time for Christmas!
We went through several versions of this and I'm pleased to say that this one is absolutely superb.
Over 60% FRESH Carolina Reaper THE HOTTEST CHILLI IN THE WORLD makes this sauce an absolute monster.....
Thick and fleshy with a superb Reaper flavour, this sauce is absolutely brutal when it comes to unadulterated Reaper heat!
Not for amateurs, whimps or cry-babies!


Heat level 10/10


Carolina Reaper chilli (61%), water, onions, lemon juice, acetic acid, passionfruit juice, garlic, citric acid, xanthum gum (natural thickener).

What we say

Tastes like Reapers and salt in a bottle.  Full on heat, probably the hottest non-extract sauce we have.  Cant get fresh Reapers?  This is the best substitute.

Online reviews

Serving suggestions

Use wherever you need brutal natural non-extract heat.  Pizza, burgers curries soups and stews.  Use to replace those tame, vinegar based, table sauces. 

Hot-Headz Killer Carolina Reaper hot sauce