Serving suggestions

Great for hot dogs, pizzas, vegetables, eggs, chips, onion rings. Try on anything where you'd normally use boring old ketchup!


Water, tomato paste, sugar, roasted Habanero chilli (6.16%), glucose, Naga Jolokia chilli (4.45%), salt, corn starch, acetic acid, garlic, citric acid, onion, ascorbic acid, cinnamon, clove.


First there was our Habanero Ketchup. Next our incredible Chipotle Ketchup that's become a best seller. Then we added the delectable Jamaican Style Jerk Ketchup with wonderful mild, spicy tones. Now we've gone back up to the hot end of the scale with our new Roasted Naga Ketchup. We've roasted the fresh Naga or Ghost Peppers for a full on fruity Ketchup that's rich, hot and tangy. It has a nice long burn and is wonderful on anything you'd normally use a ketchup on. This one has way more attitude!


Heat level 6/10


Hot-Headz Roasted Naga Ketchup

What we say

Hot and spicy ketchup with great chilli flavour, thick and sticky, sweet and savory - like all good ketchups should be.