Extremely fruity at 93% pineapple and whilst pleasing you with all the flavours of the tropical fruit followed by that awesome chinense chilli flavour of those superb scotch bonnet chillies. Although we only have 1% ahi limon chilli in the sauce don’t be fooled. The sauce still has a little kick of heat, however it is perfect to get your children taste buds accustomed to the wonderful world of chillies! Originally devised to bring a lower heat sauce to our range and designed to make a beautiful salad drizzle, we think you’ll be pleased with it.


Heat level 1/10


Serving suggestions.

Grilled fish, chicken and pork. Great on salads, Ice cream, even stirred into hummous or mayo.

Prices Spices El Salivate ador


Pineapple (93.1%), White Wine Vinegar, Ginger, Aji Limon Chilli (1.1%), Lemon Juice, Maldon Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Turmeric

What we say

Tastes like fresh pineapple with a hint of heat. The fruitiest sauce around like a pineapple smoothie with a chilli-ginger afterglow.