Rustic jerky - Habanero and Lime


What we say

Fantastic hot jerky in large 50g bags. 

Lovely citrus fruitiness from the lime and spiciness from the ginger.   Medium heat


A fiery collaboration of perfectly ripened Habaneros, soft soothing ginger with sweet and zesty citrus fruits.

Absolutely mouthwatering, chewy, bursting with flavor beef snacks.  Made with 100% Czech grass fed beef  It’s almost like having meat flavoured chewing gum.  The more you chew the more flavor you get; it is a perfect meaty snack.  Go Natural, Go Rustic!


Heat level 4/10


Beef, Water, Tamari(gluten free), Worcestershire sauce, Habanero peppers, Lime Juice, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Spices, Spring Onion, All Spice

Serving suggestions

Great as a snack on the run or after a gym session.  Can be broken up and added to soups for a lovely meaty bite and warmth from the Habanero and ginger.