Aged Cayenne Red Peppers, Vinegar, Water, Salt, Leek, Fruitburst Habanero, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Chilli Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Cumin, Thyme, Oregano, White Pepper.


Serving suggestions

Shrimp, clams, oysters, sausage sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken, wings, BBQ, bloody Marys. Great addition to chilli con carne, soups and curries. On or in anything and everything really.

upton cheyney Cajun dog house sauce

Tipy na servírování


Co si myslíme my


The mighty Sicknote Steve headlined the main stage at our Chilli Festival in 2015 and as such was awarded the accolade of having his own sauce made for him on the farm!
Based on the deep south style of Steve’s slide guitar music, we developed a fitting Cajun style product similar to the sauces that have exploded from that region. Lovely fermented chillies with a sharp twist. Perfect for a use on almost every food stuff! With Steve being from over the bridge however, we did add a slight Welsh twist – evident in the ingredients list!
For more from Sicknote Steve, check out his Doghouse Blues!


Heat level 2/10

Stupeň pálivosti 2/10


What we say

Louisiana/Cajun style aged Cayenne hot sauce similar style (but thicker)as Tabasco but in our opinion far tastier, with bags more depth from the great range of spices. A  A fantastic all round table sauce