Red Bell Pepper, Chilli (Scotch Bonnet 15.5%, Naga 3%), Cyder Vinegar, Onion, Orange, Lemon, Carrot, Sugar, Garlic, 1 Million SHU Chilli Extract, Salt.

What we say

First you get a blast of orange and lemon followed by the bell pepper savory-sweetness and then comes the fire.  Heat keeps rising due to the 1M SHU extract but you wont taste it just feel the burn.

Grim Reapers` The Evil one Scotch Bonnet and Ghost Chilli Sauce

Online reviews

Serving suggestions

Stir fried pork, chicken and veggies, Thai curries and Chinese foods.  Try it on Sushi or any Asian cuisine.


"and so it was, with the sands of time expired, the reaper came for what now was his to collect, however his plans were far more sinister, his instructions were simple, to remain amongst us, to increase the heat, and to be known from now and for ever as 'the evil one'..."

Deathly Hot Chilli Sauce-Scotch Bonnet and Naga with a hint of citrus-ideal for chicken, fish or fire up a stir fry...


Heat level 9/10


Industry awards

2010 National Chilli Awards Winner

2014 Clifton Chilli Club Peoples Choiice Awards - Best UK produced Chilli Sauce.
2014 Scovie Award Winner