Industry awards

2017 Screaming Mimi Awards NYC winner XXX Hot category
2014 Screaming Mimi Awards NYC 2nd place XXX Hot category

2014 1 star Great Taste Awards UK


Serving suggestions

Mexican and tex-mex style foods. Breakfast sandwiches, BBQ, burgers, sausage and mash, spicy soups, add to a curry for a huge depth of flavour and great heat.

Grim Reapers` The Raven Chipotle and Scorpion Pepper Sauce

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Cyder Vinegar, Red Peppers, Water, Scorpion Chilli (10%), Chipotle Chilli, Onion, Mustard Seed, Garlic, Lime, Salt, Citric Acid. 


A zero sugar chipotle and scorpion pepper sauce. This baby was designed for BBQ weather, with added wholegrain mustard for those bangers or burgers. Deep smokiness from the chipotle and a lasting warmth from the world record for scoville heat, the scorpion pepper. 


Heat level 8/10


What we say

Very hot and savory Chipotle sauce with a good strong kick from those Scorpion Chillies.  Lime also comes through giving citrusy bright notes that balance the smokey flavour.